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In the project “Car-2-Lab”, an innovative, transferable learning model for telematics in motor vehicles for VET will be created. The following project activities are planned:

Development of learning model for vocational education
Based on a jointly developed concept for the new learning model, the partnership defines learning objectives, contents and results for the thematic field vehicle communication. In parallel, the digital learning tool “telematics kit” will be developed.

Testing the model in vocational schools
The model will be tested and checked for suitability in the participating vocational schools. A training for teachers accompanies the rollout of the telematics kit at each of the four schools.
To strengthen international exchange and to promote mutual learning, we will conduct a workshop regarding the prototype of the digital learning tools with trainees from all four countries.

Development of a model for use in higher education
New solutions for the transfer of competences in the field of vehicle communication require greater permeability between VET and higher education. Therefore, “Car-2-Lab” also develops applications for the telematics kit for Bachelor studies and suggestions for a strengthened cooperation.

Networking and transfer
Networking and the work with stakeholders represent accompanying cross-cutting activities that will be executed throughout the entire project duration. Communication with decision makers ensure the necessary support from government and business for the partnership.
The new learning model, the guidelines and the recommendations will be made available across the EU. The lessons learnt from dealing with telematics content can be used as a blueprint for the development of practical learning applications of other digital innovations and new technologies.

In the project, the main dissemination activity are multipliers events. They address teachers at vocational schools, representatives of higher education institutions, companies, educational politicians, chambers and industry associations. Information on the project will also be disseminated through newsletters and the project website.