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Our project “Car-2-Lab” contributes to strengthen the future orientation in vocational education in Europe. The project shows exemplarily for the field digital applications in motor vehicles (vehicle telematics), how to convey vocational competences that go beyond the traditional job description: new skills for new jobs. For this, it provides innovative learning forms and learning media.

There is a recognizable training need for telematics applications in the automotive sector. Employees, who provide these competences, are being sought. VET so far has little starting points for a cross-sectoral learning that covers the combination of mechanics with ICT. Considering that, the project partnership will develop an innovative learning model and learning tools. By using them, trainees and Bachelor students can practice telematics applications in motor vehicles.

The integration of digital contents such as telematics in VET strengthens the employability of apprentices in the European labor market. It simultaneously helps companies to meet their needs for skilled workers with these competences. In addition, our project also promotes more cooperation between VET and science/research.