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Results and products:

Main project result is an innovative, transferable learning model for telematics in motor vehicles that both translates vehicle technology and digital content into competences and skills as well as transfers those competences into learning units and applies them in practical training. This will break down the supposed separation between mechanics and ICT in automotive engineering. Through the model, trainees and Bachelor students may learn practically in telematics applications in motor vehicles. The model consists of the following components:

VET-curriculum for a learning unit regarding vehicle telematics

VET-curriculum learning unit vehicle telematics
The curriculum for a telematics module describes:
  • Learning contents
  • Learning objectives
  • Methodology/didactics
  • Learning results

Digital learning tool “telematics-kit“

The “telematics kit” is a digital tool for the presentation of telematics applications, optimized for use in the learning process. The kit uses hardware and software components that are applied in the economy. They are didactically prepared. It consists of three components:
  • A mobile box
  • IT background technology (server)
  • A web-based application (App).

Learning units and didactical manual for the telematics module

Learning units & didactical manual telematics module

Application scenarios are derived according to typical workflows in company practice for installation, maintenance/error diagnostics and repair of vehicle telematics systems. They represent the thematic fields of the 12 learning units of telematics. The didactic manual summarises the learning units along with the learning and working tasks, the learning materials and didactic instructions. Further, it also picks up the module curriculum and technical documentation of the telematics kits. The focus is on learning and work tasks that are implemented with the telematics kit.

Telematics module for Bachelor students and guidelines on the use of the telematics-kit in higher education

Telematics module Bachelor & guidelines use telematics-kit in higher education

The telematics module for Bachelor students illustrates, how vehicle telematics contents can be conveyed action-oriented and practice-based on the Bachelor level (for example in the course of the study program automotive engineering). The module uses the telematics kit, which will be developed in the project, as a learning medium. Parallel to this, suggestions for a strengthened cooperation and permeability between VET and higher education will be made.

Conclusions and recommendations

Conclusions & recommendations

Based on the lessons learnt from the development and testing of the new learning model, the partnership will formulate conclusions and recommendations on how to integrate new digital contents into VET and what digital innovations require from the VET’s framework.

All institutions in the partnership are involved in the dissemination of the results.

Press & Publications about Car-2-Lab

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